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Tradition is an integral part of the human experience. We tend to base a lot of our emotional and family lies on traditions. This can have positive or negative effects on a person. Traditions only occur at certain times in certain situations and so the emotions we feel during these periods usually only resurface when we’re in similar situations.

Holidays can be expensive. The kids are on break from school and constantly need to be entertained. Friends and relatives are in town and want to have a good time. You’ve been working hard all year and just need to kick back, relax and get reset your body and mind so you can hit the New Year with a bang. The last thing you want to think about is your dwindling finances as you try to accomplish all these things.

The 1st of December marks the beginning of the holiday season in most of the world. The month is packed with events from the beginning to the end. In Lagos especially, December is one of the most wedding filled months throughout the year.