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Tradition is an integral part of the human experience. We tend to base a lot of our emotional and family lies on traditions. This can have positive or negative effects on a person. Traditions only occur at certain times in certain situations and so the emotions we feel during these periods usually only resurface when we’re in similar situations.

It can be passed down from generation to generation and it can be created by individuals. One of the most tradition-filled and family oriented seasons is the end of the year. The last quarter of the year brings with it Independence Day (Nigeria), Thanksgiving celebrations (America), Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It is a time when families, friends and lovers come together to celebrate, to take trips and to enjoy the best time with loved ones.

New Year’s Eve celebrations have been around for decades. Thousands of people gather around in cities and count down 00:00 which marks the beginning of the New Year. Along with this, a number of other traditions tied into practices that have been passed down through generations take place. One of the more popular ones shown in Hollywood movies is kissing your significant other under the mistletoe immediately the clock strikes 12 – this is supposed to ensure that you both stay together for the rest of the days in the coming year. Another popular one is the use of fireworks to mark the start of the New Year – this is more internationally practiced all over the world.

Cities like New York, Paris Toronto, and London have had yearly celebrations on the 31st of December where large groups of people, in hundreds of thousands, gather to eat and drink, socialise, dance and watch or light fireworks to bring in the New Year for years. These cities are known as developed cities all over the world – they are major destinations for tourists and holiday makers. As a result of this the festivities within these cities are publicised internationally, activities on Dec 31st are seen as part of a yearly tradition, something for residents and visitors to the cities to look forward to.

For the third time running, Lagos State is holding similar New Year’s Eve festivities to bring in the New Year. The advent of The Lagos Countdown event has provided a free, safe destination for tourists, visitors and residents of Lagos state to attend to bring in the New Year in high spirits. The atmosphere is lively, full of love, gratitude and excitement for the New Year. Being in the crowd, you completely forget about your worries and woes, the energy and excitement is contagious and electrifying. You are all about being in the moment with these thousands of people and acknowledging the fact that once again you’ve seen another 1st January. It’s an experience to behold.

Previous editions have seen crowds in the hundreds of thousands and the third instalment will be no different. It promises to be bigger, better, more energy-filled and electric. The celebrity performances will be better, the viewer experience is more inclusive, and provisions have been made to ensure that every single person in attendance has the best night of their lives.