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Across the globe, the New Year is often greeted with dazzling fireworks displays lighting up waterfronts and city landmarks, the giant of Africa surprisingly went all the way this year to rightfully take its place and set a pace in the history of the black continent like never before with extraordinary display of pyrotechnics and fireworks.

From Dubai to New York to Sydney down to the shores of Africa in Lagos Nigeria, with contagious frenzy on ground, amazing colorful pyromusical firework lit the the skyline of Nigeria to signal the end of one year and beckon 2015 to take over at Iconic landmark of the City, Barbeach Victoria Island, the central nucleus for the night would go down in history as Africa’s biggest display of fireworks.

The Sirotechnics Fireworks and Merlin Fireworks were the expatriate team who coordinated the Lagos Countdown New year eve fireworks display. The team arrived in Lagos on the 28th of December, the project was designed to be a 4 day rig. Equipment was to be laid out in the first 2 days, followed by 2 days of setting the fireworks in the equipment and laying the electronics which digitally fire the show. This was the culmination of over 3 months of preparation in the UK and design work which stretched over 4 months.

In total 1742 individual fireworks were fired. Some of these fireworks had multiple shots (up to 300) in them, bringing the total number of explosions close to 50,000 mark and weighed over a metric Tonne!

The colorful pyrotechnic lit the air and held the over 200,000 throng of crowd spell bound for over 15 minutes, throughout the display of the pyrotechnics, the fireworks were kept in perfect synchronization to the music via a wireless radio link to the sound desk as such the fireworks danced to to the beat of the music. The fireworks dazzled the imagination of everyone in attendance wondering if this was Lagos of the 20th century or the Colonial Lagos. The celebrations marked the end of a momentous year for Lagos state.

The event which was attended by top dignitaries including the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, Richest man in Africa Mallam Aliko Dangote, CEO Forte oil Plc Mr. Femi Otedola; Chairman of LASAA, Mr. George Noah Lagos State Gubernatorial candidate for the All Progressive Congress, APC, Mr. Ambode Akinwunmi, and many more from various walks of life. The Lagos Countdown seeks to institute an enduring crossover tradition signifying the end of one year and the celebration of the beginning of another in a splendid fashion. 

The Lagos Countdown is the brainchild of Lagos State Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola (SAN) and is organised on behalf of the state government by the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA), the same agency charged with organising the African Sign Expo. Preparation for the event is just as important. Driven by the desire to create a seamless interface and eliminate any possible glitch, individuals with the requisite expertise are brought in by the state government to manage the fireworks, a laser beam and water projection display to herald the New Year with a touch of panache.

The Lagos Countdown which is Africa’s biggest New Year’s Eve party is an annual party that draws over 200,000 locals and tourist from around the World. The feedback from members of the audience has been incredible, with some brought to tears by the sheer scale and artistry of the display.